Alliance of Moms is a membership based group that supports the work of the Alliance for Children's Rights. The Alliance for Children’s Rights protects the rights of impoverished, abused and neglected young people. By providing free legal services, advocacy, and programs that create pathways to jobs and education, the Alliance levels the playing field and ensures that children who experience foster care are able to fulfill their potential.

Since 1992, the Alliance has served 150,000 children. Our efforts are focused in three main areas:

  • Free legal services and advocacy for children in foster care
  • Training and education for those who work with or care for these children
  • System-wide reform to change policies to improve children’s lives

The Alliance for Children's Rights cuts through the bureaucracy of the courts, healthcare system, school districts and government agencies to secure a brighter future for children in need. Our staff and extensive network of pro bono attorneys advocate directly for individual children, and work toward broader policy solutions to:

  • expedite adoptions.
  • secure medical coverage and therapies for children.
  • support children recovering from trauma and those with disabilities.
  • assist young adults aging out of foster care as they grow into independence and self-reliance.