Together, we can end the intergenerational cycle of babies born to youth in foster care. For as low as $25 per month, you can help us support young parents in foster care right here in our community.

We offer three levels of membership: Member, Guardian, and Champion. Based on your budget, you can opt for monthly or annual payments which renew automatically. Recurring annual payments are discounted.

Member - $25/month or $250/year

pays for one young parent to attend Raising Baby, a full day of workshops about early brain development and parenting

Guardian - $50/month or $500/year

allows 4 girls to attend Raising Foodies, where they learn how to cook healthy and affordable meals that support early child development

Champion - $100/month or $1000/year

funds the Healthy Teen Families program that promotes holistic solutions and critical life-changing interventions around healthcare, housing, and developmental needs

After you have joined, you will receive monthly updates from the Founders of AOM. In those updates, you will be informed of: 
- hands-on volunteer opportunities at our programs
- social gatherings exclusive to AOM members
- brand partnerships
- ongoing Cocktails & Conversation evenings where we encourage you to invite your friends to hear about our work and join our ever-growing movement

Together, we make a difference in the lives of vulnerable families.  

Will you join us?

Note: Our monthly membership options have changed. If you are using our old monthly plan and your payments are set to renew automatically, you may remain on that plan. Otherwise, we ask that you choose one of our new options.