What is There to Know About Alliance of Moms

How did Alliance of Moms start?

Alliance of Moms was founded in 2014 by five moms who were in the same Mommy & Me group. Our desire to serve the local foster community was demonstrated through our individual ties to the Alliance for Children’s Rights. However, it became clear that a subset of that community needed specific attention: pregnant and parenting teens. We met to discuss ways we could get involved and all in attendance became the first members of Alliance of Moms.

Where is Alliance of Moms located?

We currently only operate out of the Los Angeles area. While we don’t have a physical location, our members are located all over the region.

What does Alliance of Moms do?

Alliance of Moms provides resources and educational programs to pregnant and parenting foster youth in Los Angeles. Programs include Raising Baby, Raising Foodies, Self Care Day, +Baby, and Mentoring-Lite. Find more information under the “Programs” tab. For our members, we offer volunteering opportunities at our programs, as well as the Giant Playdate and Cocktails & Conversation. Find more information under the “Events” tab. 

Is Alliance of Moms a 501(c)3 nonprofit?

Alliance of Moms is a membership-based auxiliary group of Alliance for Children’s Rights, a 510(c)3 nonprofit with a 4-star Charity Navigator Rating. It is located in Los Angeles and primarily provides legal services to impoverished children and youth in Los Angeles Country. You can learn more about their work here:

How does Alliance of Moms fund its work?

Generous contributions from our sponsors, donors, and members make the work we do possible. The funds go directly to the Alliance for Children’s Rights, who then allocate them to us. 

Can Alliance of Moms help with legal issues?

We are not lawyers or case workers. We are just moms helping other moms. However, if you have a question about a legal issue and are a resident of Los Angeles County or have a Los Angeles County case, call 213-368-6010. Intake is open from 9am-12pm and from 2pm-5pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

How Can I Get Involved

How can I join Alliance of Moms?

You can join us here: In doing so, we ask that you make a donation of at least $25 monthly (annual payment plans available) and that you help grow our community by recruiting friends.

How do I effectively recruit my friends if I’m still new to and learning about Alliance of Moms myself?

We encourage you to attend any events that you can. The more you get involved, the more you will learn about us. That said, a great way to introduce friends to Alliance of Moms is to host or invite them to a Cocktails & Conversation. These nights often allow us to recruit new members. If you are interested in hosting or being invited to our next Cocktails & Conversation, email

How much of a time commitment would this be for me if I joined? 

We designed Alliance of Moms so that you can be as involved as you’d like. On one end of the spectrum, we have members who pay their dues and never volunteer. On the other, we have members who pay their dues and volunteer for every single Raising Foodies, so much so that they’ve become integral to the program’s success. Members determine their own time commitment.

Do I have to be a mom to join?

No. We consider a mom to be anyone who chooses to foster and love the kids in our community. That kind of person is not always a biological mom. Whether you are or aren’t, we’d love to have you.

Can I donate without becoming a member?

Absolutely. You can donate here: You can also mail a check to: Alliance of Moms, c/o Alliance for Children’s Rights, 3333 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 550, Los Angeles CA 90010. We truly appreciate your generosity.

Do you accept in-kind donations? Can I donate my services or a portion of my company’s sales?

We do and you can. We are currently updating the submission form for such donations. In the meantime, please email with information about you, your product or service, and what you would like from us (i.e. fundraising, social media posts, website acknowledgement, etc) in return.

How could my company become a partner/sponsor for Alliance of Moms?

Thank you for your interest! Please email with more information about how you’d like to support us.

How will I know if an event is coming up? Can I volunteer?

At the beginning of each month, we email our members a list of upcoming events. A version of this is plotted on our calendar: We also post about events on social media. Follow @allianceofmoms on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Volunteering opportunities are emailed to members as they arise.

As a member, is there any way I can get more involved that just volunteering at an event?

Yes! In the past, we’ve had members as volunteer coordinators and event producers. Please email to let us know in what way you’d like to help and for how long.

How can I mentor one of the children you serve?

We are in the process of piloting our Mentoring-Lite program. We will make more information about that available soon. However, you must be a member to be a mentor.

Can I still buy those #LikeaMother t-shirts?

Unfortunately, no. The campaign was offered for a limited time in honor of Mother’s Day and Foster Care Awareness Month in May 2016. Follow us on social media (@allianceofmoms) to hear when we announce our next campaign. 

How do I open a chapter of Alliance of Moms in my area? 

We appreciate your enthusiasm for this cause. We do hope to scale Alliance of Moms beyond Los Angeles one day, or to provide people like you with the tools to do so. However, we first must build a solid model where we are. Not only did Alliance of Moms only begin in 2014, but Los Angeles County has the largest foster care system in the country. In the meantime, please consider donating to Alliance of Moms to help move us in the direction of scaling nationally or get involved with your local foster community.