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This November, Alliance of Moms invites 60 pregnant and parenting teens in foster care and their children to participate in Raising Baby. This event is a day of interactive workshops that empowers young parents in foster care to become the kind of parents they want to be but never had themselves. Underserved foster youth engage with parenting experts and learn practical tips about how to help develop their babies’ brains during the critical first years of life. While the young moms and dads are learning, Alliance of Moms member volunteers provide childcare for their kids. A DJ spins during breaks, lunch is provided and goody bags are gifted at the end of the day.

It’s interactive. It’s fun. It changes lives.

Date: November 18th, 2017
Venue: Children's Institute, Los Angeles
Time: 10am-2pm

Past workshops have included:


Led by Too Small to Fail’s Dr. Dayna Long from Oakland Children’s Hospital. Our young moms and dads learn how they can build crucial connections with their babies by talking, reading, and singing.


The Baby Playgroup's Hannah Halliwell will teach our youth about the importance of play and how quality interactions with their babies can help grow their brains.


Sleep Planet's Jennifer Waldburger, author of The Sleep Easy Solution and Calm Mama, Happy Baby, will teach pregnant and new moms tools to help them find calm and de-stress and why this is important for their babies' brain development. 


Doula and LOOM Co-Founder Erica Chidi Cohen will lead this workshop for pregnant teens and moms with infants. She will cover topics like Nutrition,  Exercise and Infant Feeding.




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