Taught by top LA chefs, this healthy cooking class series is for 18- 24-year-old pregnant and parenting women in foster care at St. Anne’s residential facility in Silverlake. The monthly classes rotate between the more intimate Skills Class and the larger Inspirational Class.

The Skills Class is a hands-on experience held in one of the young mom’s apartments at St. Anne’s. The young parents help the chef to prepare and cook dinner while Alliance of Moms members assist. There is a constant dialogue throughout the class between the chef and students on a wide range of food-related topics such as how to wash and prepare meat, how to cook vegetables to retain their nutrients, which cooking oils to use, avoiding certain GMOs and where to buy healthy produce using EBT.

The Inspiration Class takes place in St. Anne’s industrial kitchen where a larger group of young moms plus St. Anne’s kitchen staff watch the chef prepare a healthy meal for them and their children. Since the kitchen staff cooks all the meals for the minors in residence at St. Anne’s, this class helps them extend their recipe portfolio of healthy meals. Alliance of Moms members who own the event company Homethrown transform the dining area into a fabulous farm-to-table setting highlighting seasonal produce.

At each class, the chef and our members sit down and eat dinner with the foster youth and discuss food, mealtime routines and being a parent. Attendees are gifted a bag full of the produce needed to cook the same recipe so they can immediately practice in their St. Anne’s apartment. They also receive basic cooking utensils to help them grow their own kitchen resources.

Our volunteers also provide childcare and a healthy dinner for the attendees’ children so their parents can concentrate on the class. 

We are excited to announce that, as of summer 2016, all produce used at Raising Foodies will be generously donated by GrubMarket (formerly FarmBox LA). GrubMarket is an online grocery store working with over 100 local partners and artisans.  Farm-to-doorstep at it’s finest!

AOM member, Khatira Brown, is the coordinator of the Raising Foodies Program.