For those of you we know, for those of you we don't, for all young parents, this page is just for you.

Raising Baby

is a day of educational workshops for pregnant and parenting foster youth in Los Angeles. The young parents and their children come to the Children's Institute, Inc. in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. While the parents learn about topics like self care and the impact of music on a baby's brain, our members entertain the children. A DJ plays throughout the day, we meet for a drum circle after lunch, and we hand out incredible goody bags to all the attendees before they leave.


Talk, Read, Sing - by Too Small to Fail's Dr. Dayna Long & Kara DuKakis


Self Care - by LOOM's Erica Chidi Cohen & Nicole Makowka


Music and the Brain - by Creative Seeds' Ashley Thompson


Sleep & Early Attachment - by The Cradle Company's Brandi Jordan



Raising Foodies

is a cooking class held at St. Anne's Residential Facility in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. During these classes, chefs guide a small group of pregnant and parenting girls through a meal, from start to finish. At the end, they sit down to dinner with some of our volunteer moms and eat the food they've just prepared.


Complete Meals

Individual Dishes

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