40% of babies born to teens in foster care will be detained in the first years of life and enter the foster care system themselves


66% of babies born to teens will become teen moms 


Together we can break this intergenerational cycle by providing these young parents with the education, resources and supportive community they deserve.


The Alliance of Moms is an auxiliary of the Alliance for Children's Rights. You can learn more about the Alliance for Children's Rights HERE


Raising Foodies

Giving thanks was the theme of this month’s Raising Foodies. Private chef Jewels Washington and her sister Jill Elmore helped our young moms prepare a healthy, tasty Thanksgiving meal that the whole family would enjoy. The produce was generously donated by Farmbox LA. AOM volunteers helped set a gorgeous table and sat and enjoyed the meal with our young moms while other AOM volunteers took care of their children. The following week, the girls were gifted Thanksgiving meals to make with their own families from our friends at One Potato.

Raising Baby

On the 24th of September, nearly one hundred pregnant and parenting teens in foster care participated in Raising Baby with their children. AOM supporter Kristen Bell kicked off the day of empowering interactive workshops with an inspiring speech about her own experiences as a mother and the importance of showing up for your kids. Underserved foster youth engaged with parenting experts and learned practical tips about how to help develop their babies' brains during the critical first three years of life. While the young parents learned, Alliance of Moms member volunteers provided childcare for their kids. The youth left the life-changing event with almost $800 worth of goodies for their babies, all thanks to our generous donors and sponsors.


AOM Honored by The Bump

Alliance of Moms founders were recently honored by The Bump at their inaugural Moms: Movers and Makers event in Los Angeles. 
Alliance of Moms supporter, Kristen Bell, co-hosted this event that recognized women who, through the lens of motherhood, are working to make a difference in the lives of others.
Click here to read about the event and the other incredible women that were honored with them.