Our members talking about their experiences with Alliance of Moms


Over 40% of girls in foster care will become pregnant by the age of 17


Their babies are 66% more likely to become teen parents


Together we can break this intergenerational cycle by providing these young parents with the education, resources and supportive community they deserve


The Alliance of Moms is an auxiliary of the Alliance for Children's Rights. You can learn more about the Alliance for Children's Rights HERE


Raising Baby

On the 18th of November, young moms in foster care participated in Raising Baby with their children. The day was presented by CuddleBright, who gifted the CuddleBright Experience to our young moms, inspiring them to create a secure emotional connection with their children. AOM supporter Kristen Bell kicked off the day of empowering interactive workshops — Ready, Set, Read!; The Postpartum Shift; Calm Mama, Happy Baby; and Developmental Play — with an inspiring speech about motherhood. Our guests in foster care engaged with parenting experts and learned practical tips about how to develop their babies’ brains during the critical first three years of life. While the young parents learned, Alliance of Moms member volunteers provided childcare for their kids. The youth left the life-changing event with an incredible goody bag, all thanks to our generous donors and sponsors. 

Raising Foodies

Our Raising Foodies is a program focused on the physical side of brain development: nutrition. We create a fun evening centered around cooking, motherhood, and community. Chef Courtney from Jon & Vinny’s led our Fall cooking class in October. She shared about how her career in cooking began out of necessity to help feed her little brothers when she was a young girl. She inspired us all and created memories we will never forget. The food was generously donated by GrubMarket. Some AOM volunteers helped prepare the food and sat and enjoyed the meal with our girls while other AOM volunteers took care of their children.


Beyond Yoga Collection

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new MOTHERLOVER line, brought to you by our friends at Beyond Yoga. Click here to order your very own tee, leggings, and tote from this special collection today! For every purchase, Beyond Yoga donates $5 to our work with young moms in foster care. Thank you to member Leslie Bruce, former foster youth ambassador Junely Merwin, and co-founder Kelly Zajfen for helping us push this fun new line.